b'PANEL MOUNTED INDICATORSA clear display of conditions or status is vital for any panel. Pick from our LED indicator range and you gain small size, especially long life cycle and high energy efficiency.AVAILABLE RANGES OVER 1,540 PRODUCTSPANEL SNAP-INComplete range of IP67, 2-wire indicatorsEasy to fit snap-in types offer time from 12 to 220V. savings during installation. Black or chrome bodyProminent or recessed fit Prominent or flush fitBody sizes from 8 to 14mm Flashing action availableTHREADEDChoose from our very wide range of popular threaded- Our Range,bodied LED and neon indicators. Your Choice Available in seven colors Protection ratings IP30 to IP69 alliedelec.com/rs-proRS PRO, OUR EVER-GROWING RANGEOF QUALITY-TESTED PRODUCTSFind what you need at alliedelec.com/rs-proPRODUCT SPOTLIGHT8mm LED Indicator 16mm Threaded Indicator Push-in LED IndicatorWell suited to a variety of panel applications,Offered in a variety of colors, enjoy easy fittingA prominent or recessed indicator with flying lead these 12 andwith the threaded body. termination.24V colored LED Fast wiring with screw 8mm panel cutoutindicators offer longterminationLong lifelife and solder lug termination.Part No. Description PricePart No. Description PricePart No. Description Price (each) (each) (each)70825227 Red LED, 12V, 5mm Lamp Size $3.59 71039734 Yellow 24V AC/DC $2.90 70825174 Red LED, 24V DC, Prominent $1.3270825493 Green LED, 12V, 5mm Lamp Size $3.12 71039742 Green 24V AC/DC $5.93 70825176 Green LED, 24V DC, Prominent $1.2970825218 Red/Green/Yellow LED, 12V, 5mm$3.02 71039724 Red 24V AC/DC $2.90 70728944 Red LED, 24V DC, Recessed $1.35Lamp Size 70825009 Green LED, 24V DC, Recessed $1.3470824979 Red LED, 24V, 5mm Lamp Size $3.34 71039731 White 24V AC/DC $3.2370825266 Green LED, 24V, 5mm Lamp Size $3.56 71039753 Yellow 110V AC/DC $6.3470825243 Red/Green/Yellow LED, 24V, 5mm$4.69 71039743 Green 110V AC/DC $6.34Lamp Size 71039745 Red 110V AC/DC $6.3471039750 White 110V AC/DC $6.34Find this and more atalliedelec.com1.800.433.5700 9'