b'CONNECTORSOften the underrated component in signal and power continuity, connectors perform a vital task to keep systems running. Choose from our wide connectors range and well help you perform any interconnection task your electronic or automation process demands.AVAILABLE RANGES OVER 3,600 PRODUCTSAUDIO & VIDEODATA / ETHERNET / TELECOM Comprehensive audio rangeWide range of connectors to maintain includes Phono, Jack, XLR, DIN integrity of data systems. Video connectors to suit various RJ45, RJ11, Fiber and many moreapplicationsSolutions for cable, chassis andAdapters and patch panels PCB mountCIRCULAR D-SUB Range includes all standard Backshells, contacts, adapters configurations and accessories Cable and chassis mount optionsD-Sub, Micro-D and Mini-D Types for data, signal and powerIn stock and ready to shipCOAXIAL / RF CRIMP TERMINALS Choose from our huge range of ferrules, lugs, terminals and kits in many color and size options. BNC, TNC, RCA, UHF, Type N and Over 70 adapters for connecting many more types in stock in-series and between seriesPRODUCT SPOTLIGHTRing Terminal D-Sub Socket RJ45 Socket CouplerCrimp and connect effortlessly with these high- Select this high quality, MIL-C approved connectorA highly practical inline quality crimp ring terminals in several size andfor a range of communication applications. socket-to-socket coupler for color options.9- to 25-way contacts Cat 5e connections. GoldTin plated5A current rating plated contacts providePVC insulated excellent signal integrity. Panel mount design 12 to 22 AWGPart No. Description PricePart No. Description PricePart No. Description Price (pack of 100) (pack of 5) (each)70639611 M5, 12AWG, Yellow $10.90 70645831 9 Way Female $3.70 70643446 White $9.0670639624 M5, 16AWG, Blue $6.30 70645829 9 Way Male $3.70 70643445 Black $7.3270639588 M5, 22AWG, Red $5.00 70645835 15 Way Female $4.9070639610 M6, 12AWG, Yellow $15.10 70645833 15 Way Male $4.3570639623 M6, 16AWG, Blue $7.30 70645839 25 Way Female $5.0570639587 M6, 22AWG, Red $7.30 70645837 25 Way Male $4.4570639609 M8, 12AWG, Yellow $14.508 RS Pro, our private label brand alliedelec.com/rs-pro'