b'SENSORSSpecify a sensor from the RS Pro range for presence and condition detection and get a top quality, reliable solution.Detect and switch using the types shown below, plus explore many more sensor products, from light, flow and vibration sensors to strain gauges, all available on our website.AVAILABLE RANGES OVER 1,700 PRODUCTSPHOTOELECTRIC PROXIMITYThrough beam, retroreflective, diffuse PNP, NPN, Hall effect or types available according to processcapacitanceand installation requirements.Thread diameters M8 to M30 plusProtection to IP67 block types ABS, acrylic or plated brassProtection to IP68TEMPERATURE PRESSUREHuge range of platinum resistance andPressure sensors and switches for a other temperature sensors, plus accessories,multitude of applications.connectors and probes, for all installations.Measurements from a few mbar to 300 barMORE THAN 40,000QUALITY-TESTED PRODUCTSFind what you need at alliedelec.com/rs-proPRODUCT SPOTLIGHTInductive Proximity Sensor Temperature Sensitive Label Capillary ThermostatWith the ability toDesigned for a rangeAdjustable capillary & safety limit thermostats for sense all metals atof applications fromdomestic and commercial applications.the same distance,high voltage switching, Panel mountour IP67 ratedmotors, cable overheat Copper sensors contain LEDdetection and wavecapillary and indication of outputsoldering, these handy 12 x 32mm labels aresensing elementstatus. NPN and marked in F and C.PNP versions.Part No. Description PricePart No. Description PricePart No. Description Price (each) (pack of 10) (each)70614278 NPN, M12, 200mA, 10-30Vdc $31.33 70637797 84-108F $12.80 70650409 SPDT, -30 to +35degC, 16A $26.1270614277 PNP, M12, 200mA, 10-30Vdc $23.46 70637798 111-144F $12.80 70650406 SPDT, 0 to +40degC, 16A $26.2570614930 PNP, M18, 200mA, 10-30Vdc $25.32 70637799 150-200F $12.80 70826883 SPDT, 0 to +90degC, 16A $26.8570614276 NPN, M18, 200mA, 10-30Vdc $26.10 70637800 210-261F $12.80 70650405 SPDT, 0 to +120degC, 15A $26.9170637801 270-320F $14.70 70650407 SPDT, +40 to +210degC, 16A $26.2570650408 SPDT, +50 to +300degC, 16A $25.4270650410 SPDT, +90 to +110degC, 16A $24.89Find this and more atalliedelec.com1.800.433.5700 7'