b'RELAYSPurpose designed for long lasting reliability, RS Pro electromagnetic and solid state relays give you the choice you need, with options for most PLC interfaces, panel builds and other installations.AVAILABLE RANGES OVER 340 PRODUCTSPOWER SOLID STATE Operating voltages from 12V DC to 240V AC Handle switching currents from 10 toSocket mount, solder-in, Octal base, and90A with our solid state range. We give DIN rail mount versions you SPST and 3PST switching optionsMiniature types available and DIN rail mounting.TIME DELAY SIGNALInitiate actions to take place at a futureObtain low level current switching on time, with our single or 3-phase timePCBs.delay relays.2 to 20A current handling capacity SPDT and DPDT switching optionsSingle, double and changeover versions Panel or DIN rail mountedREEDGO ONLINE TO FIND OUR DATASHEETSShop from our SPCO and SPNOOur website contains over 38,000 contact options, with current ratingstechnical datasheets to give you all the to 1A. information you need.alliedelec.com/rs-proPRODUCT SPOTLIGHTPCB Mount Relay Miniature Power Relay DIN Rail Mount Solid State Epoxy sealing makes thisSwitch up to 16A and save onRelaythrough-hole range idealspace with this general purposeHere we offer a compact solution for wave soldering. Highpower relay. without compromising on coil sensitivity of 15mW. LED indicator performance or reliability. Lockable test buttonLED indicator Available in DPDT and Inspection windowIntegral heatsinkSPDTUp to 30A switching Gold-clad silver nickel contactsPart No. Description PricePart No. Description PricePart No. Description Price (each) (each) (each)70790987 DPDT 5VDC $3.60 71039212 SPDT, 24VAC 16A $8.02 71079691 SPST, 30A, 530VAC, Control $49.2470790988 DPDT 6VDC 2A $3.60 71039213 SPDT, 110VAC 16A $8.02 Voltage 90-280VAC70790989 DPDT 12VDC $3.76 71039214 SPDT, 230VAC 16A $7.47 71079693 SPST, 30A, 530VAC, Control $47.9170790999 DPDT 24VDC $4.11 71039210 SPDT, 12VDC 16A $8.19 Voltage 4-32VDC70654343 DPDT 115V AC 8A $4.27 71039211 SPDT, 24VDC 16A $7.6270791009 SPDT 5VDC $3.27 71039217 DPDT, 24VAC 10A $8.0270791004 SPDT 5VDC 3A $3.56 71039218 DPDT, 110VAC 10A $8.0270790982 SPDT 6VDC 10A $2.36 71039219 DPDT, 230VAC 10A $7.4770791003 SPDT 12VDC $3.24 71039215 DPDT, 12VDC 10A $8.1970790996 SPDT 24VDC $2.46 71039216 DPDT, 24VDC 10A $7.626 RS Pro, our private label brand alliedelec.com/rs-pro'