b'SWITCHESYou need to trust the switches you install to carry out control tasks faithfully, time after time. We have hundreds of RS Pro switches in stock, ready to ship same day. Explore our complete range to discover the switch for your application. AVAILABLE RANGES OVER 920 PRODUCTSPUSHBUTTONROCKER In many illumination colors and Current ratings to 16Acurrent ratings to 16A.Momentary and On-Off versions Round and rectangular versionsLED illumination in various colors Many for direct-to-panel mountingRange includes wall plate switches Available for protection to IP67TOGGLE SNAP ACTIONWith contact forms to 4PDT and voltage ratings to 250VOur snap action microswitches switch AC, we can supply any toggle switch your panel orcurrents up to 16A and offer a range application demands. of actuator types to suit your task:Choose from gold or silver contact materials from long lever, to plunger, to button activation.SLIDER Our Range, Through-hole and panel mount versions Various orientations and pin-outs Your Choice On-Off-On options available alliedelec.com/rs-proPRODUCT SPOTLIGHTAnti-vandal Pushbutton Switch Miniature Rocker Switch Miniature Toggle SwitchIdeal for outdoor applications, these 22mmA great range of single pole, single throw rockerWith ingress protection to IP67, switches are designed to withstand physicalswitches for panel mounting. these silver or gold-contact attack and offer environmental Choose from 10 or 16A toggles can be mounted through-protection up to IP67,hole, PCB, or using solder pins depending on model.13 or 19.8mm paneldepending on type. Stainless steel construction cutout20 or 250V options On, On-Off or On-Off-OnPart No. Description PricePart No. Description Price Price Part No. Description Price (pack (each) of 5) (each) (each)70655678 On-Momentary, Illuminated Blue LED, 24V $21.19 70791277 SPST, On-Off Rocker Switch $4.55 70792048 IP67 SPDT On-Off-On, 0.4A @ 20V, PCB $1.2770655679 On-Momentary, Illuminated Green LED $21.19 70791280 SPST, On-Off Rocker Switch $5.85 70792043 IP67 SPDT On-On, 5A, PCB $1.3970655681 On-Momentary, Illuminated Green LED, 12V $20.12 70791275 SPST, On-Off Rocker Switch $2.55 70792050 IP67 SPDT On-Off, 5A, Through Hole $2.5770655680 On-Momentary, Illuminated Red LED $21.19 70791276 SPST, On-Off Black Rocker Switch $1.19 70792046 IP67 SPDT On-On, 5A @ 250V AC, Panel$2.4770655683 On-Momentary, Illuminated Red LED, 24V $21.19 70791273 SPST, On-Off Black/Red Rocker Switch $1.19 Mount70655682 On-Momentary, Illuminated White LED $20.12 70791283 SPST, On-Off Black/Red Rocker Switch $2.85 70792041 IP67 SPDT On-On, 5A, PCB $2.4770655685 On-Momentary, Illuminated Yellow LED $21.19 70791284 SPST, On-Off Rocker Switch $5.95 70792037 IP67 DPDT On-On, 0.4A @ 20V, PCB $1.2770655662 On-On, Illuminated Blue LED, 12V $21.35 70791278 SPST, On-Off Red Rocker Switch $5.30 70792040 IP67 DPDT On-On, 0.4A @ 20V, PCB $2.5670655665 On-On, Illuminated Blue LED, 24V $28.54 70791279 SPST, On-Off Red Rocker Switch $2.95 70792039 IP67 DPDT (On)-Off-On, 5A @ 250VAC,$3.75PCB70655668 On-On, Illuminated Green LED, 24V $22.48 70791281 SPST, On-Off Red Rocker Switch $1.39 70792038 IP67 DPDT (On)-Off-(On), 5A @ 120VAC, 70655672 On-On, Illuminated Red LED $22.48 70314307 SPST, On-Off Red Rocker Switch $1.39 PCB $1.8270791282 SPST, On-Off Green Rocker Switch $1.39Find this and more atalliedelec.com1.800.433.5700 5'