b'AUTOMATION & CONTROLMaintain safety and control in panels with RS Pro automation and control gear. Plus, enjoy value-for-money reliability. Our range covers the full breadth of requirements for machinery and process control, switching and a host of industrial applications.AVAILABLE RANGES OVER 580 PRODUCTSSWITCH DISCONNECTSLIGHT TOWERS & AUDIBLES De-energize machinery and circuits to allowGet immediate indication of machinery in operation safe working on the installation. or a fault condition. Panel and DIN rail versions Magnet, surface or DIN rail mount options Housings of ABS or stainless steelSingle and pulsing sounders AC or DC powered optionsMOTOR CONTROLLERS PANEL METERS Options include Soft Start, DOL, andEnjoy clear indication of current, AC and STAR/DELTA DC voltage or frequency. DC, single and 3-phase48, 72, or 96mm square body DIN rail mount versionsNo scale optionsTIMERS & COUNTERSHelp for When You Need It, Source from our analog and digital timer range, from simple mechanical tallyTools for When You Dontmeters to programmable counters. Visit alliedelec.com/rs-proor call 1.800.433.5700PRODUCT SPOTLIGHTSoft Starter Unmanaged Ethernet Switch Switch Disconnect, 3-Phase Power motors for door and gateManage your industrial EthernetFit this padlockable, DIN-raildrives, pumps, ventilators, fans andwith these RS Pro DIN Rail mount switch disconnectmore with this 2-phase starter.Mounted switches. for reliable safety isolation Adjustable acceleration time, No software required of a circuit.starting voltage and decelerationEasy wire removable screw Non fused Ideal for 3-phase motors in starterminal blockHandle and shaft includedor deltaPart No. Description PricePart No. Description PricePart No. Description Price (each) (each) (each)71083641 3.5A 1.5kW $209.81 71145734 5-port, Plastic Case, 10/100Mbps,$74.20 70822693 750V AC, 25A, 11kW, IP65 $26.7971083642 6.5A 3kW $223.93 5-30VDC 70822681 750V AC, 32A, 11kW, IP65 $31.7571121228 8-port, Plastic Case, 10/100Mbps,$106.00 70822695 750V AC, 40A, 15kW, IP65 $35.5871083643 12A 5.5kW $245.86 5-30VDC71083647 16A 7.5kW $313.53 71121229 5-port, Metal Case, 10/100Mbps,$89.15 70822694 750V AC, 63A, 22kW, IP65 $40.145-30VDC71083644 25A 11kW $344.01 71121230 8-port, Metal Case, 10/100Mbps, 5-30VDC $118.8671083645 32A 15kW $468.0371083646 45A 22kW $568.954 RS Pro, our private label brand alliedelec.com/rs-pro'