b'CABLE MANAGEMENTInstall well-chosen products to organize and protect cables and improve their performance and life span. Organizing and protecting cables correctly can also reduce maintenance time and repair costs. Additionally, a key benefit is the improvement to health and safety in the work environment. AVAILABLE RANGES OVER 1,200 PRODUCTSCABLE TIES LIQUID TIGHT STRAIN RELIEFIn nylon, stainless steel, or fabric, wePrevent cable pull-out and maintain have a cable tie for all applications. IP rating. Colored versions to aid Available in nylon, brass or plasticidentificationBlack, white, grey or red Stainless steel in plain or coatedFlame retardant versions availableHEAT SHRINK CABLE TIE MOUNTS AND CLAMPSSupplied in Polyolefin, PEX or Cable tie mounts in self-adhesive and fluoropolymer, our heat shrinkscrew mountproducts aid abrasion resistance, and Clip-on clamps for girder metalworkprotect joints.Wide range of saddle types, P-clip, twist lock, and nail-in U shaped clampsSLEEVES AND TUBINGProtect cabling from abrasion and wear. Our Range, Sleeving in PVC, PTFE, PET, nylon, and rubber Your Choice Expandable braided types allow for future cabling Spiral wrapping ideal for post termination protection alliedelec.com/rs-proPRODUCT SPOTLIGHTReleasable Cable Tie Liquid Tight Strain Relief Gland Heat Shrink Tubing KitManufactured from UL approved nylon 6.6,Offering sealing to IP68, these round top cableContaining a selection of these black ties are great for bundling andglands are simple and easy to use. colors and lengths, this securing cables and wires.PG threaded withmixed kit gives you 170Supplied in packswasher pieces of flame retardant of 100 heat-shrink tubing.2:1 and 3:1 shrink ratio. Storage box includedPart No. Description PricePart No. Description PricePart No. Description Price (pack of 100) (bag of 10) (each)70637490 3.93 x 0.1 (100mm x 2.5mm) $0.97 70656158 PG7 3.5mm - 6mm Cable Dia. $7.80 71201462 Assorted Kit, 170 Piece $82.7470637493 5.90 x 0.14 (150mm x 3.6mm) $2.35 70656159 PG9 4mm - 8mm Cable Dia. $9.0070637495 11.5 x 0.14 (292mm x 3.6mm) $4.59 70656162 PG11 5mm - 10mm Cable Dia. $9.0070637497 11.81 x 0.19 (300mm x 4.8mm) $6.83 70656163 PG13.5 6mm - 12mm Cable Dia. $11.0070637496 14.49 x 0.19 (368mm x 4.8mm) $8.92 70656161 PG16 10mm - 14mm Cable Dia. $12.6070637498 14.96 x 0.30 (380mm x 7.6mm) $16.32 70656166 PG21 13mm - 18mm Cable Dia. $15.7014 RS Pro, our private label brand alliedelec.com/rs-pro'