b'WIRE AND CABLEAutomation systems depend on the reliability and longevity of the wiring. It carries the power and signals to make it work. Check the extent of our wire and cable portfolio and youll find products for most installations, all available when you need them.AVAILABLE RANGES OVER 1,900 PRODUCTSHOOK-UP WIRECOAXIAL Low voltage, low current application wire with a single solid orReel lengths of 25 to 100 meters, all stranded conductor. popular types, in solid or stranded cable. Several sheath colors availableWide range of RG types 7- to 32-core versionsPVC and FEP jacketed, and LSZH/LSFMany to UL specification/Approval typesAUDIO/VIDEO AND DATA MULTICONDUCTORSelection of cable, includingOffering clear advantages over discrete composite types, with conductorsconductors or hook-up wire.grouped in pairs to allow PVC, CPE, and PE jackets availablediverse connections. Also HDMI Wide range of colored sheathsterminated types.LSZH typesTHERMOCOUPLE Help for When You Need It, Our selection includes Type K, J, T, N, U in varying lengths.Tools for When You DontChoose from a wide range ofVisit alliedelec.com/rs-prothermocouple cable.or call 1.800.433.5700PRODUCT SPOTLIGHTHook-Up Wire Flat Ribbon Cable Coaxial CableVersatile stranded hook-up wire with a PVCThe cost-effective solution for simpleRG179 and RG142 double shieldedinsulation. mass termination. Unscreened cablecable with 50 or 75Range of colors consisting of parallel strandedimpedance. 24AWG tinned copper conductors laminated Brown DT FEP jacketbetween gray PVC film. Red marker along one edgePart No. Description PricePart No. Description PricePack Qty. Part No. Description PricePack Qty.(100m reel) 70954302 0.5 (12.7mm) Wide $18.12 30m per box71270207 Red, 24 AWG, 11x0.16mm, 328ft $15.00 70960715 1.70 (43.2mm) Wide $40.18 30m per box 71039497 RG179; 75 Ohm; Stranded;$72.69 25m Reel71270211 White, 24 AWG, 11x0.16mm, 328ft $15.00 0.12 (3mm) OD; Brown71574691 64 Way, 3.20 (81.3mm)$14.495m per box 71039495 RG179; 75 Ohm; Stranded;$272.61 100m Reel71270215 Yellow, 24 AWG, 11x0.16mm, 328ft $15.00 Wide 0.12 (3mm) OD; Brown71270210 Blue, 24 AWG, 11x0.16mm, 328ft $15.00 71039494 RG142; 50 Ohm; Stranded;$149.75 25m Reel71270208 Black, 24 AWG, 11x0.16mm, 328ft $15.00 0.20 (5mm) OD; Brown71270214 Gray, 24 AWG, 11x0.16mm, 328ft $15.00 71039496 RG142; 50 Ohm; Stranded;$549.16 100m Reel0.20 (5mm) OD; BrownFind this and more atalliedelec.com1.800.433.5700 13'