b'CABLE ASSEMBLIESCable assemblies need to last the course. In a commercial or industrial environment they may be subjected to rough treatment and harsh use.RS Pro cable assemblies are built with quality in mind and offer value and performance built in. We stock a huge choice for all applications.AVAILABLE RANGES OVER 1,400 PRODUCTSAUDIO/VIDEOCOAXIAL Jack, XLR, RCA, HDMI, SCART, BNC, TNC, N, SMA/B, MCX / MCXX, Phono, IEEE488, RJ and more FME, UFLE, Ethernet and others In-series and cross-series adaptersConnector test boxes available CCTV interconnection cablingCOMPUTER/DATA INDUSTRIAL CABLE Full range of Cat 5e/Cat 6 Selection of assemblies whichUS RS232, HDMI, SCSI, CISCO,meet the demands of industry and IEEE488, Firewire and more manufacturing, including the foodGender changer adapters and beverage industries.PRODUCT SPOTLIGHTXLR (F) to XLR (M) Audio/Cat 5e Assembly U/UTP HDMI (M) to DVI (M) Cable Video Cable Patch cable in a selection of colors and lengths. AssemblySocket to plug assembly offering a good variety of Cat 5e strandedIdeal for consumer equipment and available sheath colors and cable lengths. cable in various lengths,PVC jacketBooted strain relief this cable supportsPVC outer sheath uncompressed audio/video in a single cable. Fully shielded Outer diameter 7.3mmPart No. Description PricePart No. Description PricePart No. Description Price (each) (each) (each)70651269 Blue, 3ft (1m) $7.43 70639818 Blue, 6ft (2m) $3.92 70639040 Black, 3ft (1m) $11.1470651267 Red, 3ft (1m) $7.27 70639816 Blue, 15ft (5m) $7.68 70639042 Black, 6ft (2m) $22.5870651266 Black, 3ft (1m) $6.68 70639929 Gray, 3ft (1m) $2.65 70639037 Black, 15ft (5m) $27.2170651271 Blue, 9ft (3m) $8.77 70639855 Gray, 6ft (2m) $3.9270651272 Red, 9ft (3m) $5.34 70639790 Gray, 15ft (5m) $7.2970651268 Black, 9ft (3m) $5.00 70639968 Red, 3ft (1m) $2.8070651273 Blue, 15ft (5m) $6.50 70639792 Red, 6ft (2m) $3.9270651274 Red, 15ft (5m) $10.27 70639970 Red, 15ft (5m) $7.3070651270 Black, 15ft (5m) $6.07 70639946 Black, 3ft (1m) $2.8070640034 Blue, 3ft (1m) $2.80 70640040 Black, 6ft (2m) $3.9270639781 Black, 15ft (5m) $7.30Find this and more atalliedelec.com1.800.433.5700 11'