b'POWER PRODUCTSAs the power source behind all operations, power supplies and their associated products need to work reliably and as intended. Here we have over 1,100 power control products ready for installation, designed to provide excellent, long lasting performance.AVAILABLE RANGES OVER 1,100 PRODUCTSINVERTERSPOWER SUPPLIES DC to AC power inverters and drives from Huge range of output voltagesRS Pro boast high quality manufacture to Approvals to international maintain excellent reliability. standards No fan required when heatsink coolingUp to 5 outputs Rack mount options availableMassive range of applicationsTRANSFORMERS EMBEDDED SWITCH MODEWith single and multi-output models, RS ProGet efficient, electronic power covers a comprehensive array of PCB mounting,conversion using switch mode from toroidal, chassis and DIN rail mountingour extensive range.transformers.Multitude of voltage outputs Power ratings to 1kVAOutput currents to 26A PRODUCT SPOTLIGHTDIN Rail Power Supplies Global Plug-in Adapter Fast Acting Cartridge Fuse An input ranging from 110-264VChoose the output voltage you need, all with 6W Ceramic range to 20AAC enhances these compact,power capability.Size 0.25(6.3mm) x enclosed units, which are ready 3-year warranty 1.25(32mm)for direct mounting to 35mm Approved to UL/Ideal for a wide range DIN rail.CUL, CE, CB, GSof circuit protectionIdeal for factory / processand RCM applicationscontrolPart No. Description PricePart No. Description PricePart No. Description Price (each) (each) (pack of 10)71265921 12V, 1.2A, 14W $15.98 71039442 5V, 6W Output $13.86 70789347 1A, F (Quick Acting) $6.3071265924 12V, 2.5A, 30W $19.96 71039443 9V, 6W Output $13.86 70789332 1A FF (Ultra Rapid Acting) $9.6071265926 12V, 4.2A, 50W $24.96 71039444 12V, 6W Output $13.86 70728996 2A F (Quick Acting) $5.9071265928 12V, 5A, 60W $26.95 71039445 15V, 6W Output $13.86 70824792 2A FF (Ultra Rapid Acting) $8.1071265930 12V, 8A, 96W $37.93 71039447 24V, 6W Output $13.86 70824786 5A F (Quick Acting) $5.9071167708 24V, 0.65A, 16W $16.15 70789373 5A FF (Ultra Rapid Acting) $8.6071167709 24V, 1.3A, 31W $19.28 70789340 6.3A F (Quick Acting) $6.3071265927 24V, 2.2A, 53W $24.96 70789374 6.3A FF (Ultra Rapid Acting) $12.4071167710 24V, 3A, 72W $26.19 70789350 10A F (Quick Acting) $6.3071167711 24V, 5A, 120W $37.15 70789376 10A FF (Ultra Rapid Acting) $13.3070789328 16A F (Quick Acting) $5.9070789378 16A FF (Ultra Rapid Acting) $13.3070789341 20A F (Quick Acting) $6.3070789338 20A FF (Ultra Rapid Acting) $13.3010 RS Pro, our private label brand alliedelec.com/rs-pro'